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Bobby Sherman

Macomb Center, Clinton Township, Michigan
March 28, 1999
By Sharon Meck and Diane Meck

We started our trip in Baltimore. Totally unbeknownst to us, three other Bobby Babes had booked the same flight to Michigan. Unbelievably we were seated just a few rows apart too. Suzie Stylc, Nancy Dugan and Susan Ballinger were all on our flight so we got to do some chatting right from the start. When we got to Michigan we split up to get the rental cars. We were staying at the Comfort Suites and they were staying at the Marriott, so we said we'd see them at the party at Chi Chi's tomorrow.

We had to drive over an hour to get to Utica and checked into our room. Then we went for a drive to scope out the area. We found the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts and the Chi Chi's. Then we decided to check out some local stores. We passed a nail salon and decided we had time to treat ourselves to a manicure, so we did.

Next it was dinner time and we went to the Lone Star for steaks. After that we went back to the hotel and slipped into the hot tub. The hotel had a lovely indoor pool too. We sat in there chatting with another guest who had just passed her RN nursing exams and had brought her young daughter and a little friend on a trip to celebrate. Turns out she was a Bobby fan too. We started talking all about our adventures and she started talking about all her memories too. It was a very pleasant and relaxing evening.

Then on Sunday, the day of the concert, we had our continental breakfast and went out to buy our flowers for the boys. We brought them back to the hotel and I made up 6 bundles of pink roses. At noon we headed to Chi Chi's. Mary and Alice had done a fantastic job of preparing the party. There were party favors at each place, door prize drawings, scrapbooks and magazines to pass around, and a silent auction of various Teen Idol Merchandise. We ordered drinks and dinner and had a wonderful time. There was a photographer there from the local newspaper and we all trouped outside to have a group picture taken. We were holding a big banner that said "Davy Devotees Crave the Dave."

After lunch everybody caravaned over to the Macomb Center for the 3:00 show. The center is a beautiful place. We had orchestra pit seats for both shows. I had plenty of film and I was prepared to use it.

Bobby came out in a new red sequined shirt that just blew me away, I loved it. Because we were in the orchestra pit there was a short wall between us when Bobby walked into the hall, so I didn't get to kiss him right then. But later when I gave him my roses on stage, I got a really good kiss. In fact, I got to kiss all three of them during that first show. Each one when I took up my roses. Bobby smelled my roses, smiled looked right at me and said "Wow!" What a thrill. He is so nice and so gracious, when you look up "gentleman" in the dictionary Bobby's picuture ought to be there.

Diane brought a bag of goodies for Davy that we know he really appreciated, because he thanked us personally for them 2 days later in Florida. More about this later.

I thought that Davy gave a fabulous performace too. Peter is always so funny and sings like an angel. He knows just how to use those big blue eyes to charm the audience. Peter was a bit late taking the stage however, because he and Frankie had just arrived from Glasgow Scotland. Peter wasn't even there when Bobby was performing. They arrived during Davy's set and then Frankie had to set up his guitar and equipment on the dark stage while we waited. We didn't mind a bit, it was funny actually. Sitting there in the dark eager with anticipation. Peter with those leopard spotted undies, and Frankie in those silly boxers that said, "caution contents hot", what a scream! I don't know how Peter keeps up his breakneck pace.

After the first show, there was just enough time to buy more flowers and make six more bundles for the second show at 7:00. The second show was fabulous. I think Davy totally outdid himself. He walked along the short wall behind the orchestra pit and even went out into the audience and sat on a ladies lap! He walked all through the audience and collected flowers and cookies.

Bobby was his perfect self all over again this time in the silver shirt. Each concert gets better than the last. I love Bobby Sherman, just in case I forgot to tell you. I love this show and I could see it every night of the week.

After the show, all the Babes gathered again, this time at Applebees, right next door to our hotel. It was so much fun and you'll never meet a nicer bunch of ladies. We all had a terrific time and it still wasn't over yet. In the morning we got up at 4:30 AM drove back to Detroit, caught a plane and flew to Florida to see the show at the Dade County Fair. Suzie and Nancy followed on a later flight. We were all staying at the Comfort Suites this time. I'll continue this amazing story on the Florida page. But believe me the best is yet to come!

The new shirt

We LOVE it


Oh God!


My Man


Bobby is soooo coool


Yummy boots


Diane kisses Bobby

Diane's roses



So darn nice



Look at those lashes

My roses


I gave Bobby a kiss

The Best

Black/Silver, who cares?

A Shining Star

It don't get no better than this


Don't worry Bobby, we'll still be there

Officer Sherman, arrest this woman!

Totally Awesome!

Diane's about to get a kiss from Bobby! Photo by Susan Ballinger

Sharon's about to get a big kiss! Photo by Susan Ballinger

Bobby smells Sharon's roses and says "WOW!" Photo by Susan Ballinger

That's me waving on the left! Photo by Diane Meck

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