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Bobby Sherman Second Show
Macomb Center, Clinton Township, Michigan
March 28, 1999
By Sharon Meck

Photos copyright 1999 Sharon Meck. All rights reserved.
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Those sparkling eyes

Oh so close



Mr. Cool

Mr. Humble

Ravage me NOW!

Looking right at me!

So, so sweet

Oh my goodness!




I'm licking my chops

Too much? Nah!

I'm drooling over this one

Take Me Bobby, Take Me

So, so sexy

This one is to die for!

I think he's happy, what to you say?

I almost kept this one to myself!

Oh what a body

Slurp, wipe, dribble


This is why I keep coming back!

Our pink roses are in there

More, More, More

Bye Bobby, see you in Miami!

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