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Bobby Sherman Memoribilia - Page 7

From Fave, December 1969

From Fave, September 1971

People Magazine, Bobby is at the bottom, just left of center

From Flip, August 1971

From Spec, January 1972

From Spec, April 1970

From Spec, April 1972

From Tiger Beat, July 1969

Tiger Beat, June 1969

From 16 Magazine, September 1970

From 16 Magazine, May 1971

From Tiger Beat, December 1971

From Tiger Beat Spec, August 1971

From Flip, June 1971

From Flip, March 1971

Teen World, Dec. 1969

From Teen Life

TV Pin Ups, May 1972

From Flip, August 1969

From Flip, August 1971

From Tiger Beat, February 1970

From Tiger Beat, May 1970

From Tiger Beat, September 1970

From Flip, May 1971

Every effort has been made to identify the source of these photos.
However,some were cut from the magazines over 30 years ago.
I am not selling any of these photos and they are here for my personal enjoyment only.

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