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Davy Jones First Show, Macomb Center
Clinton Township, Michigan, March 28, 1999
By Sharon Meck and Diane Meck

Photos copyright 1999 Sharon Meck and Diane Meck. All rights reserved.
We hope you enjoy viewing our photos, but they may not be duplicated in any manner.
We are not selling or sending out any copies of these photos.

These photos taken by Sharon Meck

Macomb was one of Davy's best shows

Happy times for everyone

Artist at work

Diane gives Davy a bag of goodies

Things are heating up

Lots of fun

So cute

So talented

Those are our roses


So funny

Enjoyable Performance

Cheer Up Sleepy Jean

These photos taken by Diane Meck

Great show

What a pleasure

So entertaining

Better watch HER!


Viva Eviva

How old did you say your sister was?

We'll love you forever

I want to be free

Look Wayne, here's how you do it. LOL


Sharon finally gets a kiss!

Thanks David for a fantastic afternoon.

Bye David, see you later.

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