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Concert Photos of David (Davy) Jones at Nissan Pavilion, July 25, 1998

By Sharon Meck and Diane Meck

Welcome to our Scrapbook of David Jones. I am Sharon Meck and my sister Diane and I have enjoyed the Teen Idol Tour so much this summer that we want to share our great front row snapshots with all the rest of the fans. David (Davy) Jones is really a great performer. We both got to shake David's hand during the Baltimore Concert. We also saw him at the 25th Anniversary Monkee reunion at Pier Six, Diane got to shake his hand then too. We saw the 30th Anniversary reunion show at the Patriot Center too.

I think David is so cute, he's babe, and just the right height too. He sounds great and I think he works his butt off for his fans. I have no idea where all the bad press he has been getting comes from. I wonder if those people really saw the same show I was watching. David is just one man. I think they still expect him to be the Monkees. How can one man play the part of four? What are they expecting? I think David is doing a fantastic job and is very nice to the fans.

There are 55 pictures downloading right now. So please be patient I promise they are worth it. So go light some incense, pour a glass of sangria (you've got time to include some fresh fruit), sit back and relax. You are about to be dazzled!

Thank you David for the best summer of our lives. You are terrific!

All photos copyright 1998, Sharon Meck and Diane Meck, all rights reserved. Do not duplicate without permission.

We love that suit!

David is HOT!



Definitely our Favorite Photo


Pure Pleasure

A Spiritual Night


Nobody works harder


So Sexy

Workin' it!



So Cool

A white knight on his steed?


Diggin' it



Having Fun


Oh My!

Happy Times


Jolly Good







I may faint!




David IS all that!


So Hip

Four daughters? Whoa Daddy!

That's our Monkey (Monkee)

Naturally Funny

I think we surprised him!

Wonder if he read the note?

Look at that smile!

Thanks David

Yes! I wish it was me!

What a Babe!

Turn this ship around!

Daydream Believer

Those are our sunflowers!
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