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Meet and Greet with Bobby Sherman

Manassas, VA
June 25, 1998

I dreamed of kissing Bobby Sherman so many times, it just felt natural to do it when I finally met him on 6/25/98 for the first time. I knew this was my one and only chance and I'd better make the most of it. If I let this opportunity get away, I'd regret it for the rest of my days. He is gorgeous, inside and out. I love Bobby Sherman. Here are the photos of the Meet and Greet I was fortunate enough to attend.



A real charmer

Is he cute or what?

Posing for everybody

Linda & Carrie get their turn

Oh, that smile

So kind

Visiting OR Nurses

Another signature

Listening to everything

Smelling so good.

Diane waits for an autograph.

Look at those loins!

Bobby and the Nurses

Lookin' Good

Signing Lunchboxes

I kissed that gorgeous neck!

Bobby signs one of our Baltimore photos


All photos Copyright 1998, Sharon and Diane Meck. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without permission.

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