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Peter Noone First Show, Macomb Center
Clinton Township, Michigan, March 28, 1999
By Sharon Meck and Diane Meck

Photos copyright 1999 Sharon Meck and Diane Meck. All rights reserved.
We hope you enjoy viewing our photos, but they may not be duplicated in any manner.
We are not selling or sending out any copies of these photos.


Do you think he recognized us?

Listen, people...

Peace Peter

Zany Peter with his tounge out

Hi Frankie!

Those amazing blue eyes

Peter Jagger

Perfect catch of those leopard knickers

They tried everything to get those panties on Frankie

But Peter said his ass was too big! LOL

I think Peter forgets he's got them on

Signing a vintage 45

Diane give Peter roses and gets a kissy

Wildman Frankie

Great Show

Hi John, hard to see you back there

Sharon trades roses for a nice smootch

I'm into something good

Johnny Noone (good cowboy name)

Peter imitating his recent UK audiences

Peter knelt down and kissed me! Photo by Susan Ballinger

I offered to help him back up! Photo by Susan Ballinger

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