Bobby Sherman First Show
Dade County Fair
Miami, Florida
March 30, 1999
By Sharon Meck and Diane Meck

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We arrived in Miami a little after 9 AM. We got a rental car and immediately proceeded to get lost, of course! We drove east which was the wrong direction! But we didn't really care, it was early and we were just enjoying the sites. We actually ended up cruising the "Miracle Mile" and found ourselves in Coconut Grove. By this time we knew we'd gone pretty far out of the way so we turned around and headed west again. It was still early and a beautiful day for a ride.

We finally found our hotel and checked in. As we were getting the bags out of the car we spotted Frankie and his lovely wife walking out of the hotel towards a nearby restaurant. We said Hi, and they walked over to talk to us for a few minutes. It was great, they are such friendly people. We talked to them a bit at MGM in Disney World. So it was like meeting old friends. We dropped the bags and decided to go have a bite to eat too. Then we went back to the hotel and decided to take a soak in the hot tub. We sat out there for a couple of hours and got some sun.

We went up to change and wanted to go find the Fair Grounds and the Macaroni Grill. When we opened our door we saw Jerry, Donna, and Wayne in the hallway. Jerry started walking our way and stopped at the door next to ours. They had given him the room right next to us! We greeted him and asked what took them so long, we'd been waiting for them. Jerry said they'd just left Detroit this morning and we said so did we, but we'd left at 4:30 AM! He laughed and called us neighbors. That was so cool.

We found the Fair Grounds and the Macaroni Grill without much problem. The traffic was pretty intense though and I didn't feel like fighting it much more, so back to the hotel. When we got there we saw that Davy was lounging by the pool. I pulled out my camera to sneak a shot but it didn't work. OH NO, my camera was broken! A party and concert tomorrow and me with no camera! I couldn't have that. So we walked over to the nearby Eckerd Drug store and I bought the best one they had. We also bought helium balloons for each of the guys, and tied each to a big Sugar Daddy to keep them from floating away.

The next morning we prepared everything for the party at Macaroni Grill. I had a trivia quiz, Diane had a Search-a-Word puzzle, and I had made keyrings for everybody. The keyrings had ribbon on them and I brought a bottle of Polo to scent them with at the last minute. I layed the ribbons on the bed sheet and spritzed each one. We went to the party and prepared for the door prizes and stuff. We put the balloons on the table too. It was a small turnout but we had lots of fun anyway.

After the party we went back to the hotel and found Suzie and Nancy sitting by the pool with Davy on the other side sunbathing. We sat down to chat with Suzie and Nancy and catch a few rays ourselves. Suzie and Diane decided to walk over to the liquor store and get some wine coolers to have after the concert. Not too long after they left Davy sat up and looked accross the pool at me and said he wanted to thank me for the bag of goodies in Michigan! I told him it was my sister who had actually given him the bag. He got up and walked over to us and sat down with us and began chatting with us! He wanted to thank Diane for a particular item in her goody bag. After about 10 minutes or so Diane and Suzie came back and Davy thanked her in person. He is really very nice and was quite sincere. He ended up sitting there with us for about 25 minutes or so. It was getting late and we all had to get to the concert soon so we said we'd see him later.

We got to the Fair Grounds and found all the rest of the Bobby Babes who'd not made it to the party. I passed out the keyrings and trivia quizes and we had a good time standing in line chatting and testing each other on our Bobby knowledge. Everybody put their entries into the Memory Book. Finally it was time, they removed the cattle fence and let us in, everybody RAN to grab the best seats. We got in the front row a little off to the right. Not bad at all really.

Then the show began. Our 11th Teen Idol Tour was just as exciting as our first. We loved it. Bobby was fantastic, I gave him the memory book with all the fan pictures in it. He was so gracious and so sexy in the red shirt and black leather pants. When Davy came out he recognized us and gave us some "special attention". More about this on Davy's Miami page. Peter recognized us too and gave us such a look, like he couldn't believe we had followed them from Detroit to Miami. He started to laugh and could hardly finish singing the song.

I'll continue this story on Bobby's Miami Second Show page.

We'll start the pix off with a couple of photos from the Get Together at Macaroni Grill.

Our waitress was also a fan

Allison, Sharon, Diane and Donnie at Macaroni Grill

The sign over the Concert Stage


Nice set of balloons


That smile goes right through me

He's looking at us

Peace, Love and Bobby Sherman

I love Bobby Sherman


Great voice

More Roses

The thrill of a lifetime

Yum, Yum, Yum

Come into MY world

Sharon gives Bobby the Memory Book

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy

I Love Bobby Sherman

Exciting new moves


Exciting old moves

No fear, I'll always be there!

Take me, Take me, Take me

Great concert



Sending shivers down my spine

So humble


Come and get me


Gotta have it!


Bobby fills each day with pleasure

Kissable Bobby

Thanks Bobby, see you in 90 minutes!

Bobby with Flowers and a Balloon

Bobby with Jerry off to the left

Bobby and some adoring fans

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Davy Jones, Miami, Second Show, by Diane
Peter Noone, Miami, First Show
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Peter Noone, Miami, Second Show by Diane Meck

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