Davy Jones
First Show, Dade County Fair
Miami, Florida, March 30, 1999
By Sharon Meck

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Diane gave Davy a bag of assorted goodies in Michigan and he remembered that when we met him in Miami. He thanked Diane for a particular item and sat down to talk to us for about 25 minutes in Miami. Then during the concert that night he spotted Diane in the front row and gave her several special acknowledgements from the stage.

Then Diane gave Davy a heart shaped balloon that said "Somebody Loves You" on one side, and "Me Loves You" on the other. It was tied to a Sugar Daddy Candy Bar so it wouldn't float away. He smiled from ear to ear, thanked her again and began to sing to the balloon like it was Diane herself. It was absolutely thrilling. Diane was so tickled by that. Then he took the balloon like he was giving it a dip and layed a big kiss on it. Diane couldn't have been more thrilled if it were actually her lips. It was so much fun.

We felt as if he was doing the whole show just for us. Later back at the hotel, we saw him again. He made a special point of stopping to tell us good night before he went back to his room for the night. So anybody who says that Davy is not nice to his fans, obviously has never really met him. He was very nice to us, and even went out of his way to be nice to us. When Davy is performing he is working, and you cannot judge anyone by a brief encounter while they are busy working.

We enjoyed every single one of the 12 Teen Idol Shows that we saw Davy perform in, but Miami has to be the cherry on the sundae. We are sorry that he's left the Tour, but in a way it seems fitting to us that this was his last Teen Idol Tour because it couldn't get any better than this one. We fully intend to continue seeing Davy at some of his solo concerts too. Thank you David we really appreciate your talent, hard work and kindness.

Diane's Show

Super High Energy


Face paced

Betty gives Davy roses

Diane's "Somebody Loves You" balloon

Davy sang to Diane's balloon

A really special show

Davy hugged Diane's balloon

Flashing that beautiful smile

Davy kisses Diane's balloon

More roses


Beanie Babies

The back of Diane's balloon said "Me Loves You"

Davy got a cross for Palm Sunday

Thrilling excitement

How could he be any nicer?

Thanks Davy, for everything!

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